June 9, 2023

What to Expect When Having a Fireplace Installed

They are associated with beautiful homes, dramas based in the Tudor era, and, of course, comedy sketches that involve someone accidentally burning a really important item.

Yes, whether they are in a home or a hotel, fireplaces are always a striking feature. Plus, if you are looking for a way to spruce up your home, they can be an appealing option to fit in your living room or your dining room.

However, the reality that many homeowners aren’t aware of is the process of having a fireplace fitted in their home, and many are surprised at how much planning is involved.

So, to help prepare you, here is a brief guide to what you can expect when having a fireplace installed in your home.


Okay, so you like the look of those old fashioned fireplaces and want to have one become the centerpiece of your living room?

Yet, even with a basic idea of what you want, you and the people who are going to be installing your dream fireplace still have a lot of work to do.

This will involve discussing the size of the fireplace, the materials that surround it, where it is going to be fitted, the chimney, and, most importantly, the type of fireplace. So, before calling someone to install it, it may be wise to have all of these features hammered down to save some time.

Checking Codes

After you have figured out where it is going, how big it is going to be, and what it is going to be made from, you will need to start looking at codes in your state.

Depending on the kind of fireplace you want to have fitted, you will likely need to go through some tick box exercises with your local council, homeowner association, insurance company, and many more. This will be to ensure that the fireplace that is put in is safe, is maintained correctly, and will not cause damage to the surrounding home.

It’s a boring bit of the planning process, but it needs to be done.

The Installation

Then comes the glorious day when the fireplace is fitted. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that, for a basic woodburning fireplace or similar option, the work can usually be completed in a day. This presumes, of course, that you already have an open chimney. If you don’t, this is usually completed first, and then fireplace is installed underneath it.


Okay, so now that you have your beautiful, wood-burning fireplace, there is still work to do.

Remember earlier when insurance companies were mentioned? To make sure that your fireplace is up to code and not causing issues in your home, you will need to conduct regular maintenance.

You will need to have an experienced chimney sweep inspect and clean your fireplace at least once a year. After each fire, you should remove ashes to keep the fireplace clean and safe.

Be sure to clean up ash, wood chips, and other debris to reduce the chance of fire.

It is also advised to install a spark guard and fire screen around your fireplace to help protect against potential hazards. Do not place flammable items, like books, fabric, and paper near the fireplace (even though it looks cool)

Finally, be sure the chimney is inspected for cracks and other damage to protect the structure and prevent fires.