June 10, 2023

Protecting Yourself from Endocrine Distruption

The issue of plastics in our drinking water is a significant and harmful problem. Newly found impacts are continuously being discovered, such as the recent connection between the levels of Bisphenol A (BPA) found within the bodies of young men and the declining levels of male sperm count. BPA and other Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) are being found, increasingly so, within the public water supply. As such, they are being found in greater levels within our bodies. It is now understood that in the past few decades the sperm count of the male population has declined drastically with many studies stating figures as shocking as 50%. The increased exposure of EDCs over many years is a primary culprit of this issue.

EDCs are chemicals that disrupt our bodies and their hormone-producing glands, potentially leading to defects and cancer. They vary in form, from the notorious BPA to pesticides. These chemicals cause impact and may be dangerous in incredibly small amounts. Not only do the individual EDCs affect our bodies but they can both accumulate and combine to produce greater harm. There remains a wide variety of EDCs in our drinking water and we are, by proxy, constantly consuming a consistent level of these injurious chemicals.

Depending on where your home draws its water from, you may be consuming many EDCs. While it is almost certain that your water supply contains contaminants, living within a certain proximity to a city puts your water supply within a high likelihood of containing high levels of EDCs.

Despite regulations and public water treatment, endocrine disrupters remain in the water that you drink and bathe in. The best method of treating your water is to adopt a filtration system. However, standard water filters will neither be entirely appropriate for your area, equipped with its own contaminants nor be totally effective in transforming your water into a healthy, drinkable supply. For total comfort in your home’s water, it is best to install a filtration system that meets the water at the point of entry to your home. This means that the water you drink is safe as well as the water your shower with, which is important since some contaminants have been found to affect the body through absorption.

Highly recommended systems, such as the whole house water filter from www.cleanairpurewater.com are ideal for eliminating contaminants in your water. As pictured, a typical installation, in this case, the Urban Defender, is slim and does not heavily impose on your existing water system. Since the fingerprint of your water’s contamination is different than, say, that of a river from a neighboring state, such whole house filtration systems are better suited for filtering because they are installed to specification and match your needs. Not only do these systems work to rid your water of EDCs but they can be effective against other carcinogens, as well as lead content, and pharmaceuticals too. They are currently the leading form of protection for your water and, in turn, your health.